Wine experience

ÕU wine cafe host has carefully chosen exciting and interesting Spanish wines to offer you the best wine experience.
Elegant yet simple tapas selection and spicy olives made by Carlos following an ancient and special family recipe. We hope to excite your taste buds and to offer you a wonderful experience!


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Coffee experience

In our Mediterranean vibed yard we offer the best coffee! With the coffee we serve tasty cookies which recipe we have perfected to near perfection in order to try to lead your mind and soul to warm countries. We hope we offer you a warm feeling and a great experience!

Our coffee selection is from Mission Coffee Works.

Bells is a classical espresso blend that has shown to be the favourite taste of many people. The components of the beans of this espresso change according to seasons but the workers at the coffee roastery work hard to create a consistency in the quality of the taste. Bells has a sweet, nutty and chocolaty taste that will for sure bring you joy in every cup.



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